TRAIL RELAY/80 MILE RELAY!!!!!!!!read this!!!! (Read 534 times)


    Hey has any one here ever ran the 80or 270 Mile Relays before. If u havent they are totally awesome!! Big grin

      This race takes place in Manistee, Michigan. There are 4-6 people to a team. Do a search on th web for more info. It's a wicked race!!!!!! Wink

        There is another one in April each year in Southern Illinois--River to River Relay. 8 runners, 80 miles, 240 teams!
          I ran the River to River in Illinois this year. It was a great race -- and the most well organized race I've ever run. Really amazing since there were 240 teams of 8 people each and 240 vans and the race course runs 80 miles from one edge of the state to the other. Smile Running on a team was a great experience. Our team placed in our age division so we get a guaranteed spot next year. I can't wait! Teresa

            There are 8 people to a team well for our 80 mile trail relay in Michigan the limit was 6 people. 1 of our guys team had 4 people on there team. we were the youngest group there.

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              Which race was this...was this the North Country Relay? My hubby's aunt and uncle help organize this and my MIL was a volunteer this year. Great race from all I have heard.

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                I'm confused. You had 8 people in a 6-person limit relay? Confused

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                  Yea it's the North County Trail Relay. The race was awesome. We had 3 teams run and we r running again next year! Big grin ur hubby's Aunt and Uncle really know how to set up a quality race.!!! oh and for the relay i was talking about it was 6 people but the illinois one that other people were talking about it was 8 people.

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                    Okay, sorry. Got confused by the syntax.

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                      Yea i'm a really bad and slow typer!!!!

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