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    Hi all,

    Im an experienced runner and I've been running in Saucony Hattori's for the past year and half. They have been working out great for me, and I've logged two marathons in them. I have been running in minimalistic shoes for the past 5 years (merrill pace and vibrams) but lately Im wondering if switching to a different shoe would be better for me in terms of longer distance training (possibly thinking of ultras in the future). I'm playing with the idea of trying saucony kinvaras? I'm on budget and don't want to spend a fortune on my next pair of kicks... I'm a mid foot runner and have a normal stance... I'm used to running with a lighter shoe.

    Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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      I'm going through the same process. I'm a Mizuno WaveRider guy. They are on sale now so I bought a 1/2 size bigger in case I need them from foot swell.


      I don't have an answer for you but do have one thing to consider. Ultra's are generally run much slower overall and you'll do a lot of walking. Try walking a 12-15 minute mile on an incline on the TM or outside and see how you like those Saucony's. I've found I like my WaveRiders a lot more at a 9:00 pace than at an ultra walk pace. I'm not sure what to do except to try on a bunch and do a fast walk on the store's TM as well as a slow run.

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        I typically run in the most minimal shoe I can for the duration and terrain. My feet are MUCH happier when the shoes flex with them, rather than restraining them (as seems to happen to me in stiff shoes [HOKA and Peregrine, for example]). So, I own a wide range of shoes.


        My advice would be to save your money until you find that you are wishing you had more shoe, rather than wondering whether you might be better off in more shoe at some point in the future. At that time, you'll have a much better idea of what your ideal shoe would be.


        FWIW - aside from the fact that they squeeze my toes (causing fun, often bloody, blisters), I've found Kinvaras to be quite comfortable (cushion wise) for 100-mile runs on both pavement and trail.


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           Ultra's are generally run much slower overall and you'll do a lot of walking. 


          Why would you walk during a non-mountain 50k (or 50 miler if you are that kind of shape)?

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            I've been running in Kinvaras for a couple years now and I am a real fan.  I love the way they fit, the upper great, it feels more like it fits to my foot than my foot fitting to it.  There is plenty of cushioning but they still feel nimble quick and light.  I've done a bunch of marathons in them and some 28 to 30 mile runs as well, there is plenty of shoe to hold up.  I've never been a minimalist or not minimalist runner, I just run in what works and these seem to work.


            I did a 50 mile trail race last fall and wore the kinvara trails.  While the fit wasn't quite as comfy, I like that shoe almost equally much for its purpose.

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