Report on Health Note? (Read 99 times)


    I have entered a few Health Notes to track injuries, but I can only see them in Calendar view. Is there any way to report on these so I can see them more easily? I have tried to create a report but when I choose Activity = "Health" the report yields no results.

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        Hmm, that is strange. I can only see it in the calendar & nowhere else. I can't report on it & can't see it in list view when looking at my workouts.

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          chelswamp - if you make your log public, we can take a look and offer suggestions.  Otherwise, you'll need to wait for the head guru man, Eric, to pass by and take a look.

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            It is currently not possible to search health notes using the reports form.  This inadequacy will be addressed, hopefully in the near future.


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              Great, thanks Eric!