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    ...find a lemming you trust and follow it over the cliff.  You're bound to succeed that way!



    Had no idea you were having that much trouble with PayPal. It's has always worked just fine when I have donated to you, but then I have a verified account and I have the payment withdrawn from my checking account not via a credit card. Maybe that accounts for some of the difference? I prefer using PayPal to using my credit card.





      Hi Eric.


      I worked at a payment service provider a few years ago, the former RBS Worldpay (earlier BIBIT).

      We integrated Paypal and the issuer with their API are well known to me as they were quite a nightmare.


      What happens is that the way they integrate is rather complex and some times the customer closes the browser or the bowser or operating system blocks a a part of the messaging or a timeout occurs "down the line" and the transaction gets aborted (hence the "abandoned"). 


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        I don't understand anything you you explained here except you seem to have no easy choice. I don't like paypal much but if I knew it was a better deal for you, I would deal with it.


        If it made any sense you could gave me a choice of credit card vs paypal vs anything else and told me which you like the best and I would choose your favorite.


        I have not logged in for a while and see that my subscription must have expired, so some money is on the way.


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