Need help with exporting Training Log (Read 294 times)


    I am trying to download my training log and put the data into an Excel spreadsheet.


    I downloaded using "Tab delimited (Microsoft Excel compatible)"


    When I find the file, the log is downloaded to a .txt document.  How do I convert my log into an excel spreadsheet?


    Thank you!

      If you opened the text doc, i suspect you'd find that the entries are separated - delimited - by Tabs.


      Open up Microsoft Excel.  From Excel, do File-> Open.  In the "Files of Type" drop-down box at the bottom, select "All Files."  Navigate to your text file and open it.


      The "Text Import Wizard" will come up.  The default selection is "Delimited."  Click "Next."


      On the next page, the delimiters will be indicated.  Most likely, the defaults selection, Tab, will be selected.  Make sure this is so, and click "Next."


      On the final page, click "Finish."


      Your file should open and you should see all your data.  Do Ctrl+S to save.  In the dialog box that comes up, click no, you don't want to leave the worksheet in tab-delimited format.  In the Save As dialog box, go ahead and call your file whatever you want, and save it in the desired locations as an XLSX.


      (This is all assuming you're running Excel 2007 - if not, you'll have to make a few adjustments, but the basic principles apply.)


        Thank you.  I was able to do this on my work computer to test it out and it worked.  But, at home when I tried it, the data was all "garbage".  I have Excel 2007 at home.  What could be the problem?


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          I have Excel 2007 on Vista and Windows 7.  Works fine with both.  Also worked on XP and older versions of Excel   The assumption is that you are pulling the log.txt file into Excel from within the downloaded zip archive file, named <screenname>.tab.zip, not the archive itself.

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            I was able to get it to work. Thanks for your help!