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    I was downloading my workouts here and over the weekend I can no longer add new runs. I have a Garmin Forerunner 25 and use the Garmin Express on my computer. I tried to upload from GPS and the message states it can no longer import workouts from Garmin Communicator. I tried to enable the Garmin Connect integration, consent which brings me to a connect page with the option to disconnect and a preferences button but still does not allow me to share the workout.


    Not very good with technical stuff so I am sure I am missing something. Thanks for any help on this.


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      I tried many times with my Forerunner 25 and was unable to do it through Bluetooth. I just connect the charging cord to the watch and plug in the usb to my computer and the workout pops up after a few seconds on runningahead to import.


      Would love to know how to get the bluetooth to work if someone else knows.


        Garmin Communicator is a plug-in to your Internet browser.  It is no longer supported by most Internet browsers.


        Garmin Express is the software that Garmin uses to upload your workouts from your computer to the GarminConnect web site.  Once the files are uploaded to the GarminConnect website, they are then sent to all sites that you have integration turned on for (this includes RunningAhead).  If the GarminConnect integration has been in place for a few hours, it should push out any new workouts within seconds of them being uploaded.  If the GarminConnect integration was not in place before the workout was uploaded, then it often takes a few days for up to about 30 days of workouts to be pushed out over the integration.


        You can also upload the files from your watch via Bluetooth to the GarminConnect app on your phone.  It is then transferred to the GarminConnect web site and pushed out via the integration to RunningAhead and others.


        I have found a few problems with the integration:


        1. If your Garmin watch gets too many workouts on it, Garmin Express may fail to upload the files and they will not be pushed out via the integration.  In this case all you can do is erase multiple older workouts from your watch and the uploads should resume.

        2. If the integration stops working, check to make sure it still exists both on the RunningAhead site and the GarminConnect site.  If it is on both sites you may need to delete it on both sides and then reinstall the integration.

        3. If GarminConnect pushed a workout file out to RunningAhead through the integration but RunningAhead never received it, I have not found a way to get GarminConnect to push it again.  In these cases I have had to go into GarminConnect, download the file to my computer, and then upload the file to RunningAhead.