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    Okay I must be the only one who doesn't know.... What does HTFU mean? Is it a special running club or level you obtain Cool How do I get it ? Thanks for all ya'lls time Derrick
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      oh...it is most definitely a level you get. Tongue
        Glad to oblige, just click the link in my signature to meet our good friend Chopper Reid. But be warned, the F stands for F-bomb and Chopper drops it about twenty times in the video.

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          Okay got it now thanks BaDawg, definately gonna remember that one when encouraging the wife Roll eyesOr not. Thanks again
          If the road less traveled was easy, would it be...?

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              The comments below the vid are ten times funnier than the vid (which is saying something), mostly because most of them don't seem to realize it's funny. Big grin
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                  At first I thought that was a DAILY calendar. I was trying to figure out if the extra 38 miles on 10/28 was warmup or cooldown.
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                    I added HTFU to Wikipedia a while back, but I left out the for unlawful carnal knowledge part out. Big grin 38 miles in a day with 100 miles before that? Damn dude! Is there are recovery bar on Oct 29th? Okay had to check it again!... Weekly! Cool Still that's a lot of miles for a week!