Shoe Milage when walking? (Read 585 times)


    Hi Eric, When I go for a run I always do a warm-up walk first, and finish with a cool-down walk. My warm-up walk takes me to the trail where I'm going to run, and the cool-down walk takes me back home. I keep track of my total walking distance separately from my running distance, but of course I don't change shoes before I start running. I'd like to be able to include all the mileage I put on my shoes. Would it be possible to have the option of selecting shoes when we enter a walk, the same way as when we enter a run? Thanks for all you do. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Happy New Year, Arlene
      Hi Arlene, Happy New Year to you too. I'll put the shoes in for other workouts when I get a chance. eric Smile

        "Whenever you get a chance" is soon enough for me, LOL! Thanks so much Eric. Arlene
          I the meanwhile, think about adding a run-type labelled "walk" or "warm-up"\"cool-down." That would allow you to track your shoe mile. Of course, then you would have your walking miles added to your running miles for weekly\yearly distance, which might get to you.