Which is the better exercise, weight lifting or running? (Read 274 times)



    A comet topic that dates back to at least 2003. And probably 1803.

    They do different things and you really oughta be doing both.

    This is a poster example of how everything has become either/or on social media, and by extension, life itself. It's a bunch of shit. Most things aren't either/or. You NEED to be doing strength exercises (like lifting) if you want to slow down father time. And you NEED to be keeping your cardio in a-ok shape.


    Of course, part of the reason why this comet has returned is that someone reanimated an old thread. WOOHOO!

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      While strength training is important, I don't recommend hard weights. I prefer stretch bands. I describe traditional weight lifting no different than using first gear in a car. Increasing weight will stress the muscles into gaining size, but the skill of being a good runner is the ability to transition the work load from your fast twitch muscles for acceleration and become reliant on your slow twitch muscles to optimize economy and endurance. Hard weights only target size development, which doesn't help you as a runner.


      As for moving, I enjoy the workout of a 30% incline treadmill. I can reach a running heart rate while still walking. Which means I can achieve a running level workout without any joint damage as I don't have the impact forces on my body to absorb. Not only does it stress your cardio abilities, but a strength workout as well to climb for any consistent time.


      I'll use ankle weights to vary my workouts, or if you're backpacking, a weighted vest will also increase the workout intensity without having to walk at steep incline levels.

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