Can you delete my account? (Read 156 times)


    Hi! I haven't used my account in ages and was wondering if someone can permanently delete it! I can't figure out how.

      Go to Options, Log Preferences, and select Keep my running log private. Otherwise, I don't see a way to delete unless you violate the terms of use unless Eric is willing to delete it for you.


      One should safely assume that anything they put online may be there forever. If you can't handle that thought, don't sign up for the account. The same goes for people that don't want to be listed in race results. Don't run the race. Don't ask the race director to remove your results.

      "Any idiot can run a marathon. It takes a special kind of idiot to run an ultramarathon." - Alan Cabelly

        Easy there, Tiger.

          Users don't have that that control here. What you do have control over is changing your username, email address, and finding all your old posts and modifying them with the word "deleted" or an "x" or something. Except for the running log, this is an ancient-style forum, not like the new  (like Reddit, FB, Twitter, etc.) where you can delete your posts and accounts.