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    I just started running maybe two weeks ago and I ran an 8 minute mile. I'm 15 years old. I usually run 1 mile a day, with half a mile of walking for warmup and cool down. While I'm here, any tips on decreasing mile time?

    pedaling fool

      Your time will come down, don't get in a hurry to  bring it down, because that invites injury. I'd recommend concentrating on upping your distance first and slowly adding speed, i.e. speedwork. However, for now you don't even need speedwork to improve, consistency is far more important.


      Some good links that can explain it better than me...






        To optimize your mile time, you need to run more than 1 mile per day.  I suggest gradually increasing your mileage.  Even running 3 miles per day over the course of several months will probably help your speed dramatically.  Don't run fast every day, but especially at your age, it doesn't hurt to pick up your pace a couple days a week.  Are you thinking of running track or cross country?


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