What Restaurant Chain Makes the Best Burger (Read 423 times)

    Five Guys is pretty good.  To me, In-n-Out is nothing special.  And veggie and vegan burgers?  FAIL

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      Five Guys is pretty good.  To me, In-n-Out is nothing special.  And veggie and vegan burgers?  FAIL


      They taste good to me!

        Five guys, just edging out Bobby's Burger Palace.

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            Five Guys is my favorite chain.  I would even say I like it more than Culvers, actually.

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              Had to Google that one.  Closest to me is in Reynoldsburg, OH so that explains why.


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                Finn. Worth the drive.


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                  Meh, my grill is much closer.  It also mentions that they started in 1984, which explains why I do not remember them from when I went to school in Columbus.


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                    I love their custard, but their burgers are meh.  A&W also has better cheese curds, as far as chains go...

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                      No mention of White Castle?!


                      My favorite burgers, which I really can't get locally (probably just as well) were always Hardee's (Carl's) bacon cheeseburger...instead of catsup they put mayo on them.  Mayo + bacon on a burger = NOM NOM NOM!!


                      A good Midwestern woman.  If I happen to die while eating, I hope it's while I'm chewing on a Hardee's burger.  Based on their nutritional content, I think they're doing their best to make that happen.

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                        Yardhouse burger with bearnaise and caramelized onions. Plus what's not to like about 100+ beers on tap. Just too bad you can no longer get a yard at the Yardhouse.

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                          Another vote for Fuddruckers! Followed closely by uburger, but that might just be a Boston thing...

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                            They taste good to me!




                            I like Red Robin because I can make any burger a veggie burger and you get never ending french fries.  Although the veggie burgers aren't homemade, but I don't know of chain places that typically have homemade veggie burgers.



                              I think this calls for a little classification


                              "Quickie Burgers"

                              Freddy's Steakburgers > In N Out = Five Guys > Culvers.  To me Culvers tastes like any run of the mill fast food joints (Wendy's, McDonalds,etc.)  ETA: Freddy's fries suck big time but we're reviewing hamburgers not fries.


                              "Sit down Burgers"

                              Fuddruckers > Red Robin

                              You people, have issues.