Intervals feature (as it pertains to Garmin-uploaded workouts) (Read 459 times)

    As far as I can tell, Garmin-uploaded workouts always display laps in "miles".  I did a workout today with the GPS set to "metric" units.  I had it autolap every 1.61km to simulate an interval workout.  Every lap, in the intervals section, displays as "1 mi".  I tried editing the interval to display "1.61 km" and saving it but it would always revert to "1 mi".  I don't think it used to behave this way.  Any way to get the intervals to display to whatever unit I want without having to change my entire log to metric units?


    MTA:  I tried turning off the GPS locator portion of my Garmin for my interval workout last night.  The Garmin just becomes a stopwatch.  I imported the time intervals into the log which worked fine - shows a whole bunch of intervals of ZERO distance but with the correct time.  Nice,  At least now I only have to input the distances associated with each interval.  So I input the distances (400m intervals, 200m recoveries) and the darn log STILL shows them as "0.25mi" and "0.12mi".


    Eric, anything that can be done to display intervals in whatever units they are entered in (or whatever units I change to manually)?  I hate looking at intervals in MILES when I'm doing track intervals.

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      Just for reference, I think they may be discussing the same issue in this recent RA thread.  (among the other issues, one sounds like yours)

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