31 day running streak! (Read 636 times)

    Never ran more than 6 in a row in my life, even the cross-country days. Past month has been really consistent. Feeling a little burned out mentally but I haven't been physically sore/drained enough to keep myself off the road. Gonna read some Once a Runner tonight for motivation after studying for my first Econ exam :P

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      Congratulations on the streak -- and on the very consistent weeks too.

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


        Now I see it is 32 Days!


        Congrats and KUTGW!


        Are you still running a marathon this month?  I see it is MIA from your siggy?  Seems you have the training and the times to really do well!

          Good job Ken,


          You have the potential to be a really great runner........


          Champions are made when no one is watching

            RunsForCake - Yeah I'm still running Chickamauga Battlefield in November, I'm just trying to hammer down what pace I'm going to run it at so I can set a goal. I have days where I'm "BQ OR BUST!" and days where I just want to get the race over with =P


            Thanks for the kind words guys Smile I might take a day off next week to hold back from getting burned out, going to run a 20 miler along the course of the marathon next friday


              I say you will BQ!


              Can't wait to hear your results. 


              You are running strong and fast in training...imagine how you'll run during the race!