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    any idea why they mention "pose running" as opposed to just "running"?
    The Pose Method® proposes to teach running as a skill with its own theory, concepts, and exercises. In the Pose Method® it is assumed that running technique is the same for all athletes regardless of speed or distance. The human organism exists and develops in the gravitational field, and should stay within a certain biomechanical framework, in which limits are appropriate for the full utilization of the effect of gravity. It is also assumed, that any movement is built on an infinite number of poses or positions, through which the body goes in space and time. Fortunately, in running, there is only one pose, which we call the Running Pose.
    Anyone else's "Bulls### alert" going off too?

      Runners run.


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        Oh Lord..... POSE, Chi, whatever.
          I'd consider them, but from the photos I cannot see .. is there a raised heel? (I guess not, and if so, minimally) I sometimes run barefoot so these would be fun, but .. if I cannot try them out?

          You'll ruin your knees!

            No raised heel, no support whatsoever. The sole is simply a tougher "skin" to help protect your feet. Once you get used to the stuff between your toes, if feels really natural. Again, I haven't done any running in them, only walking... Lynn B

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              http://www.posetech.com/pose_method/ Anyone else's "Bulls### alert" going off too?
              Yeah, this guy is obviously out to make $$$. I saw some of his vids too on archive and he looks as though he can't run properly. I think his 'technique drills' are just standard drills for track athletes.

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                http://www.posetech.com/pose_method/ Anyone else's "Bulls### alert" going off too?
                "In the 1990's, America opened its doors to him, and with requisite initial skepticism, saw the simplicity and ingenuity of the Russian scientist's idea. Gravity and its effects on all objects were discovered long ago, however, nobody ever applied it to running. No one spoke about the physics and mechanics of running movement in those terms. Dr. Romanov successfully showed the dependency of efficiency and performance on correct technique, which uses gravity, and a new era in running began." Sh**, I haven't been using the advanced technique of gravity when I run. Note to self: fix immediately.

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                  Has anyone else noticed that we've had a few members on RA who post a couple of times, and then will go into some crazed rave about how the pose technique changed their lives, post a link, and then they disappear...? I've seen this at least 3x in the time I've been a member here. It smells of an affiliate program, to me. k

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                    It's not some guy called J Huffman or something is it? I've seen a number of his considered arguments/rants on other message boards regarding the POSE technique. It's all dutch to me anyways. On the subject of those Vibram things, I'm one of the 'old school' style runners and tend to turn my nose up at anything that's different and modern. Think the technical term for that is 'luddite'. I reckon I wouldn't wear those even if they were good on the grounds that they look kinda stupid. Dave

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                      any idea why they mention "pose running" as opposed to just "running"?
                      But to answer your question, because in "pose running" you land on your forefoot and not on your heel. There's no heel cushioning in these things as far as I can tell so a heel striker would certainly not want to run in them.

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