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Dimitri Minaev

    At the age of 43 I have finally run my first race. Actually, it was a bit disappointing. It was called a cross, but 90 percent of the distance followed and asphalt road. The race started 15 minutes earlier. Worst of all, the planned 12km distance was almost halved and it wasn't even announced. I started as if I had 12km to run and then, only 3km after the start, we were sent back. I accelerated, but it was too late. The GPS showed meager 6.8 km. I finished in 34 minutes, at exactly 5 minutes per kilometer (8 per mile), which is faster than I normally run.


    The impressions are terrible, but I have to admit there's something attractive in the races. Perhaps, I should try again Smile

    Maggie & Molly

      try again.  Sounds like a the issue is with race organizers not you!!! 

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        Not sure what was up with that race, but it doesnt sound typical of most races that most of us have gone too......


        Find another race (5k to 5 miles) and try it again........you'll probably have a better experience next time....

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          try again.  it should be much better.



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            Hi Dmitri..... I started running in races just this year as well. My first race had a race-shirt mix up, and I thought that was bad! I would bet that no matter where in the world you run, many of the others around you (and the organizers) will be friendly and imformative. I go with the attitude that I am racing against myself. Have fun and let us know how the next one turns out. I find other countries and cultures very interesting..... thanks for posting! Is this the area you run in???? http://travelingluck.com/Europe/Russia/Samarskaya+Oblast'/_501027_Rozhdestveno.html#local_map

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              Dimitri Minaev

                Thank you, everyone, for your support!


                No, I really liked it, no matter what. I didn't care much about the result, just like Steve has said, I was racing against myself. Others were a good company, though Smile.


                Besides, on the next day I covered the loss by running 18 kilometers — 12 as the daily lot and 6 more Smile


                Steve, I sometimes run  there, too. Rozhdestveno is a popular cycling place here. But that race was here:



                dreamless sleep, SPASIBO! Smile