Maltz Challenge (Read 835 times)


    Speaking of CrossFit - being mentioned in the Weight Training for runners thread (Al F) First off let me say I have my reservations about posting this, I am not someone that would normally promote this type of thing, but will say my reasons are somewhat selfish. I have nothing to do with CrossFit. I have never been to a facility, but have browsed their website and it does look interesting - if you're into more than running. I know most here will not want to take part in the challenge, but it is something that is free and can be done anywhere by anyone and is completed at your pace. The reason we're doing this has nothing to do with our results, they won't be collected and compared to anyone else. It is simply done to remember a few that went to war but didn't come home and the things they found enjoyment in. Check out the site below http://crossfitiowa.typepad.com/maltz_challenge/2008/02/2nd-annual-malt.html Every year the challenge is done in the name of different fallen heros who had a connection with the DEA, this year one of those being honored is my brother-in-law. I believe the official date was changed to 3/13. That gives us a month to get ready.