Snake oil? (Read 1421 times)

    I'm tempted to be critical of the protein drinks, but I sometimes treat myself to a milkshake @$3.95.  Still think the milkshake tastes better.

    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

      It's more like $2.50/serving ($~37 for 15 servings at amazon), and some spend a lot more than that every day at Starbucks! 

      Moreover, on easy and/or shorter days, perhaps you wouldn't need as large of a serving, or need to use this product. I only use the full serving of my recovery drink on key days. On easy/recovery days, I either just eat normal food, or use 1/2 a serving. 


      Yeah. 1 "serving" is 2 scoops (320 calories), but I just use 1 scoop for under 8 miles.

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        I think you are a prime candidate for me to sell some nutriceuticals to Smile 


        Okay, I'm a sucker.


        Got my Ultragen yesterday.  Mixed in half a scoop with a smoothy about an hour after the run.   Taste was compatible (Mocha).  Waiting for my next hard workout to try again.  I figure $9/week on this stuff isn't that bad.


        I order it from Amazon from Endurance Cyclist.  They shipped it in an over-sized envelope.  Unfortunately, the lid cracked, spilling a trivial amount of the powder and making the lid useless.  I contacted EC and told them I didn't need a return or anything, just thought they should know.  They were very nice and offered to send me some single-serving packets and a new lid.  Very nice customer service.


        Unfortunately, they don't make sampler packs in Orange or Tropical Fruit flavors.


        Anyway, got my snake-oil.

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            Okay, the "Cappuccino" flavor is not repulsive.  I don't really like normal cappuccino, so I can't speak to the verisimilitude.  Not sure if its doing anything, but it is much easier to pound in the protein uptake window than an egg-sandwich.  Also, more transportable than milk.


            Anyone know if the Orange flavor is not nasty?  Might try that next.


            MTA: "can't speak"  No idea why I often drop negatives.

            2016 Goals: Lose the 10lbs I gained for not having goals

              The Cappuccino is repulsive to me. But then, I hate all coffee. I always drink the Tropical Punch. I think I got the Orange Cream by mistake once, and didn't like it.


              Honestly I'd prefer something with a flavor more like chocolate milk, but the Tropical Punch is fine.

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                Then there's the wacky Koreans.


                AAAH! There went my coffee all over the keypad! 


                Wasn't there a study published that suggested beer is a good recovery drink? I think it was done with soccer players. 

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                  Greg McMillan tells his runners to eat milkshake after the workout for refueling of carb (sugar) and protein as well as cooling of the core body temperature.  No science involved there...or was it?


                  4 out of 5 scientists agree: Coke Slurpees taste really f'ing good after a 15-mile run in stoopid-hot weather.