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    This is a link to a very well done on-line local bi-monthly newsletter dedicated to the Northeast running scene. If you scroll down to page 19 there is a short profile outlining one Mister EJ Hrynowski's accomplishments this year. A well deserved kudo for the Dawg. 



      Go BD!







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          Very cool!

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            Props to the 'dawg!   I'm having a hard time picking which of these 2012 times is most impressive to me.  


            5k – 17:02
            5 miles – 28:58
            13.1 – 79:18
            30k – 2:00.24
            26.2 – 2:50.04


              Some nice recognition for an RA Hall of Famer.


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                PBR, FTW! Big grin

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                  Indeed!  Some fantastic running this year for the Dawg!

                  - Joe

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                    Nice write up about the Dawg.....


                    I'm also lucky enough to have come across him at a few races and hes a really easy going friendly guy - kind of hard to miss in a crowd with that long silver hair blowing in the wind when he runs.....   

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                        BadDawg (or EJ) is the man. When I first started racing in 07 we were pretty evenly matched. He used to blow by me in the run portion of his race, then I would catch up in the walk portion of his race. The next year we raced a 10 race series in the same AG. I beat him by a whisker but that was because he ran Boston two days before race 8 or 9, which crushed his legs for two weeks,  and I managed to out point him.  Now, he is such an amazing runner  that I am in awe of his accomplishments.


                        He is also a very good guy. 

                          BD is the man, glad to see he is getting some recognition. I'm still bummed I didn't get to drink with him after Hartford a couple of years ago cause I forgot my goddamn ID.

                          Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

                          Message me!




                            From reading the link about Baddawg I get the sense that this type of racing has helped him get as good as he is.  I'm not the runner BD is but my running took a major turn for the better once I started competing on my club's XC and Roadrace Grand Prix teams.  Every race is not a PR but it sure is fun racing your rivals!

                              We are in awe of the Dawg over here in the UK too!  His fame extends far and wide!