Foam Rollers and their Life Expectancy (Read 808 times)

    I've had a basic, run of the mill foam roller for about a year.  It's made of closed-cell foam and wasn't particularly expensive.  My question is whether the foam would (ever? in a year? in 3 years?) break down to the point where it isn't effective anymore? Or is a cheapie less effective than a better quality product right from the start? 


    I've looked a the TP roller that has several different density zones and even a couple that have some pretty intimidating knobs which I guess provide a deeper massage...





      I can't give you a great answer, except to say that the generic foam rollers (aka "the white ones") that have been at my gym for a few years don't seem to do much for me.


      I bought the TP roller called "the grid".  The knobs aren't as intimidating as they seem; honestly I can't tell the difference between the various zones.  HOWEVER... the thing utilizes much denser foam material and is built around a PVC pipe core.  Knobs aside, it is vastly more effective than the old white foam rollers.  Versus a new white foam roller?  Dunno.


      My gym also has a different kind of generic foam roller (aka "the black ones") that seem sturdier than the white ones.  I will use those sometimes. They definitely have lasted longer.


      Mind you... over the course of a few years, a whole lot more people have used the foam rollers than you'd use one at home.  No idea how that impacts durability, but it seems obvious it would.


        There's supposedly a difference in density between the white and black foam rollers.


        The PT I go to has black rollers encased in cloth sleeves.  They've been well-used, and I can see a depression form after I use one (rolling on more or less the same place on the roller as I go along).  I also have a Trigger Point Therapy roller, and that baby does not crush.


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          My Trigger Point roller ("The Grid") looks the same. Except it is orange.


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            Yes, the white or low density ones will break down. 


            I replaced mine with a high density foam roller and have been very happy with it. I haven't noticed any change in density or effectiveness with the high density version and I use it a lot.



              A piece of PVC pipe will last forever. 


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                That's a mighty long time.


                  A piece of PVC pipe will last forever. 


                  A 2 litre coca cola bottle doesn't last forever but does last long enough (or long enough for it to be 5 years out of date and still going strong).

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