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      Oddly, this is part of my morning breakfast routine.

      I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

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        Oddly, this is part of my morning breakfast routine.


        You have breakfast in the morning?

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        "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

        Demon of Bad Decisions


          You have breakfast in the morning?


          Sometimes I have breakfast at night. Sometimes I have breakfast all day. This is why I can't have cereal in the house.

          I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

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            Nice assortment of real food.




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              AM post runs:

              either my power drink (almond milk, chia seeds, spinach, power greens, egg whites, frozen banana)  or if I am not running out door to work:  bacon nitrate free, eggs (one yolk 2 whites) and sweet potatoe cubes stove top cooked with coconut oil, cinnamon and chili powder.  Yummy.


              Snack:  raisins and almonds


              Lunch:  either salad with veggies and grilled chicken or leftovers


              Snack:  apple with my home produced almond butter.  Yummy.  I have to limit myself  as  I could eat a gallon.


              Dinner:  Paleo friendly dinner.  Usually a stew or soup in winter.  Chicken or grass fed steak with veggies in summer.


              Snack:  wine or coconut ice cream or both.


              Sadly right now I am doing Whole 30 and I replaced wine/coconut icecream  with  big bowl of fresh fruit. Still good but I miss my wine!  26 more days LOL.

              2013 Goals:  Stay healthy and Sub 3:30.  PR HM, 10K, 5K...etc....lose 5 lbs, get Michelle Obama arms. 


                Am:  coffee, one whole egg, one egg white scrambled, dry roasted unsalted almonds (34)


                day:  blueberries, raw spinach, apple


                lunch:  wild caught salmon poached in water, dry roasted unsalted almonds (21) and raw brazil nuts (12)


                snack:  non-fat yogurt flavored with honey


                dinner:  glass of red wine, half a chicken sandwich


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                  Breakfast: 2 slices of whole grain bread and a bottle of Ensure

                  Lunch: A 32oz lunch box filled with 70% rice and 30% random meat/veggies.

                  Mid-afternoon: A banana, + maybe a box of instant cup noodle

                  Dinner: A repeat of lunch (left over used as next day's lunch)

                  Night snack: Maybe a bag of instant noodles


                  Also, a 32oz bottle of gatorade if I run. Random snacks such as crackers, chips, chocolates...etc


                  Eat out on weekends.


                  I guess I pretty much carb-load everyday...


                    Breakfast – Greek yogurt and/or omelet with the fruit of the pig (AKA bacon)

                    Lunch – Salad with lots of mixed veg and some sort of protein (could be tofu, tuna, turkey etc)

                    Afternoon snack (particularly if I have an evening run) – Greek yogurt

                    Dinner – Whatever we cook.  Generally real food leaning towards the vegetable end of the food spectrum with an spirited avoidance of overly processed junk.


                    Coffee – by the bucket

                    Wine – sprinkle liberally

                     201x goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

                      Compared to what others eat, I found Trent and PG's "discussion" much more entertaining. Can we get back to that?


                        Breakfast--small bite if I'm running 8+ miles. Otherwise, just tea thanks.


                        Lunch--sushi with brown rice. Probably 5 days per week. How's that for creature of habit?


                        Dinner--wholesome meals, light on carbs (and then only complex grains, legumes, etc). Lots of sea food. Tons of veggies. On the weekends, we tend to eat out.


                        Wine. Smile