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    Hi all,

    I'm currently training in a pair of Kinvara 2 and 3. I am thinking about trying a pair of Brooks Pure Comfort because my roommates get a discount on Brooks running shoes and they have told me I could order shoes through them. They seem similar to the Kinvara so I'm curious as to how long they can last and if they are a good shoe to sub in for my Saucony's. Any information on how much mileage they can stand, how they feel, or what types of runs to use them on would be greatly appreciated.

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      What is the Pure Comfort? Do you mean Connect?

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        I run in the Pure Flows.  I think their "Pure" line of shoes are brilliant.

          What is the Pure Comfort? Do you mean Connect?


          Yeah I do. Sorry about that


            I think the Pure Connect is a pretty good shoe to try if you've been running the Kinvara.  It's probably a bit more flexible and maybe a little softer.  Will probably handle the same number of miles as the Kinvara.


            I agree that the Brooks Pure Project line is fantastic.   It's a great line of shoes for people who are transitioning into more minimal shoes as well.