Running LV marathon in Nov 2019, how fast should I do 3 miles now? (Read 103 times)


    I'm 37, and although my body is built for running I've been completely sedentary for like 2 years.  I'm 5'11'', 165, with 10 lbs in my gut that should be anywhere but there.


    Course time limit is 5 hours, but the real goal is my buddy's time of 4:26 I think.


    Basic math says that that is between 9 minute and 11 1/2 minute miles, but that's at the end of the process, not the beginning.


    How fast should I be finishing a 3 mile run nowadays?  And how do I balance needing to run faster without pulling hamstrings or giving myself a heart attack?


    (Also, my dad had horrible knees and my right knee is already showing some of those problems...anything specific to watch out for besides sharp stabbing pains?)

      It really doesn't matter since you have a whole year to train.


      How fast *can* you run 3 miles right now? If you just go out and run 3 miles at a pace that seems reasonable and you're not sucking wind or feeling like your dying, how fast is it? Have you ever run a 5k race?


      The answer is to build slowly and base your paces off of current fitness, not goal fitness.

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        Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh it just took me 45 minutes to run 3.4 miles.

          Keep at it.  If you are just starting out, then what you can do today solo does not predict what you can do 6 months or a year from now in a race. I know a runner, who could barely run one mile, finish a marathon under 4:00 hours a year later. He lost a ton of weight in the process, but he went from not being able to run a single mile to running 26.2 at 9 min/mile pace.


          Find a 8-12 week 5K training plan, run a 5K or two in the spring, then maybe a 10k or a Half in Summer.  You can then plan for the marathon based on the results off those races.

            Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh it just took me 45 minutes to run 3.4 miles.


            That's ok, you have plenty of time. Happyfeet's advice is solid. Start by learning how to train and race--and training for some shorter races and building up is a great way to do it.

            Runners run

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              May I suggest you do squats and wall sits? I don’t know what’s going on with your knee, but stronger quads may stabilize it more.

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                You train for your current conditioning, not your goal conditioning.  Get moving

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