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    I have been sick with a severe head cold for about a week. Cry I managed to get in a whole 10 miles last week. However, I tried to run again today and about 2 miles in I was completely exhausted. I thought I was fully recovered but I guess not. The cold must have really, really taken it out of me. This is really the first time this has ever happened to me. Anyway, I am looking for some advice on proper sickness recovery. What are some of your experiences?
      No advice, just a lot of sympathy. Sad I'm right there with you. I think I got 14 miles in last week and I'm still feeling lousy. I have a 10 mile race next Saturday but I'm starting to doubt that that's gonna be possible, even if I do start feeling better soon. I hate feeling this weak. Teresa
        LOTS OF WATER Big grin
        Kate ;) "The pain of regret is greater than the pain of self discipline."

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          Do what I did. Go out and run a half marathon. A hard one. With hills. And cold. And snow. That's really smart. Sheesh. Dead Or. Get sleep. Lots of sleep. Force sleep with warm milk, benedryl or bourbon, whatever you prefer. Rest and time are the only things that will really help. That and a HM.

            I have had my cold for a week. I ran the first two days of symptoms and then took some rest. Today I am beginning to get my wits back and feel better enough to think about a run, however, I will wait one or two more days. If I start running too soon my symptoms flare up again! Smile
              After feeling really healthy for most of the winter, I've finally succumbed to a fever and coughing sickness, probably from a long run in the cold. I just hope it doesn't develop into full blown bronchitis or pneumonia, though I'm a grizzled vet when it comes to upper respiratory infections.... And just to prove that life has a malignant sense of humor, it's just as the weather decides to get really nice. It's 35 today but feels tropical, and it's supposed to get up to the 50s later this week. And here I am feeling crappy but still wanting to run so bad. Maybe late this week. Probably not until next. In the meantime: -Lots of liquids -Lots of sleep -Lots of vitamin C and zinc supplements -Lots of garlic in my food. -Lots of grumbling