Any free virtual races/marathons? Please give me recommendations! (Read 79 times)


    So all my scheduled races were cancelled due to COVID-19, of course. I wanted to catch onto this virtual run craze. I've seen many out there that are charging $50-100, but I'd feel ripped off paying normal race prices to essentially run around my own neighborhood - which I can always do for free!


    Do you know of any good free virtual runs? I'm not asking for a medal and shirt, but something nicely organized that may even send out a free certificate of completion.


    Your suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


      Usually a quick search on Eventbrite with the "free" filter selected will get you a handful of results. Sadly, most are poorly organized, but you'll get a couple free gems.


      Here's one I found called "Beating COVID." Haven't done it myself but seems decent and you get a finisher's certificate out of it, looks like.



      Here's another called "Run for Justice" although it seems not very organized and I don't know if you "get anything" out of it.



        I would guess a virtual run would not count as official race results, like a qualifying marathon or anything. And for free you could not expect a medal or shirt, just images you could download and print you own stuff, guess you could print a cardboard medal! This being said anyone, yourself included, could organize their own virtual race right here and get people to sign up for free!

        Slow and steady win the race