Cross Country Ski Recommendations (Read 77 times)



    That is awful.  That sounds like more a factor of geography and crowded trails that "skate skier personality".  I never witnessed such a thing in northern Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota.


    You know, I have this image that somewhere in Canada one can skate ski unperturbed for miles or kilometers.....  and it's probably a lot more fun.


    I think it's a confluence between geography and personalty - as HCH suggests, it's going to be a function of how many people are normally on the trails.  It's not even that many here, but in the course of, say, skiing a 10k, you're going to pass a number of parties, and probably some bottlenecks whenever there's something that needs to be herringboned.   In order to get that great running-equivalent workout here on skate skis, you're going to HAVE to be a jerk to the classic skiers, and only the naturally jerkiest among us are willing to spend their day that way.   There's two guys - a ~60 year old dude and a ~25 year old guy that is probably his son - who are really cool and will patiently wait their turn to go up a hill.  The rest just plow people down.


    I'm just kinda out.  I've got the classic fish scales (which is what MOST of the locals have) and a good thermos for hot chocolate, so no matter how many people are out, I'm having a good day.