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Feeling the growl again



    As EGH3 said, I also believe different shoes feel better at different paces. The Adios 2 definitely feels better at faster paces. Two years ago I might not have liked the Boston 3.


    I can't stand running in flats at easy run paces (slap-slap-slap), and I can't stand the feel of trainers at race paces (sub-6).

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      Can someone give me the once and for all definition of "responsive"?


      I get cushioned vs firm. Is it the same thing? Like a non-responsive shoe I push off and some of the push is absorbed by cushioning so I don't get my money's worth from the push?


      I would say that cushioning is about how soft is the shoe, while responsiveness is about how easily it bends. A soft sole that may be bent with significant force only, would be both cushioning and responsive.


        I've been running in the Pureflow 1, and the twos don't feel as comfortable. I've been thinking about the Mizuno Cursoris. Anyone with any experience?


          Sorry to go off topic but I'm conducting some research into the effects light/barefoot feel running shoes and how they effect returning from ankle injuries, could anyone take 2 minutes to complete this short survey . It would be greatley appreciated. Thanks

            Saucony Fastwitch 4. Oh right, discontinued, dammit.


            ... and... I managed to stretch this out longer than I thought possible, due to my injury, but finally my last pair of Fastwtich 4s (#17) is about ready to give up the ghost. I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and find a new regular trainer.


            I hit the running store yesterday, and the NB 1400 looks reasonable. Only very slightly heavier than the Fastwitch, similar feel, I think, and I think a 9mm drop. I already use the NB 1600 as my road racing shoe up to marathon. They didn't have the new model (v2), though, so I passed for the moment.


            But the Fastwitches have served me well on the trail as well, even in 100 milers. Basically they are good everywhere except very technical trail. The only downside is they tend to pick up rocks.


            Anyone run in the 1400s? What do you think? Tried the v2s?

              I've just got a pair of 1400 v1's for an upcoming marathon. First impressions are very good, not too firm not too soft. I actually prefer them to the 1600 which I found a bit firm after a while (though they served me well). The upper is similar to the 1600, with just a little more stiffness in the heel counter.

                I have a ridiculous number of shoes, all in the neutral to minimal range. Currently I am running in the following:


                - Adidas Supernova Glide, 12mm drop, which I only use on my easy days but they definitely are cushiony.

                - Brooks PureFlow 2, 4mm, which I have found quite versatile and have used for anything from easy runs to track workouts; I ran Marine Corps Marathon in them in October.

                - Saucony Kinvara 2, 4mm, which I loaded up on (4 prs.) when they got phased out a year or so ago; these days they have been my shoe of choice when I am on the treadmill; I find the K2 to be not very durable and maybe that's why I was able to get them so cheaply.

                - Nike Free 3.0, which I think are 4mm; I use them mainly on the track but thinking of taking them out on roads more because I really like them.

                - Skechers GoRun (4mm) for racing; have put down two marathons in my current pair

                - Spira Stingers (8mm) also for racing; I only have one race in them so far, a 4 miler; they literally have springs in them and if anything their energy return is something that takes time to harness but they are reasonably lightweight (8.6 oz) and pretty comfortable.


                So...on one of this range sit the Supernova (heavier, higher, cushier) and at the other sit the Free 3.0 and GoRun (lighter, lower, less cushion). If somebody told me right now I could have a free pair of any of the above, I'd probably go for the PureFlow or Free 3.0.


                BTW - the PureFlow looks better, or at least much less goofy, in all black.

                  Anyone run in the 1400s? What do you think? Tried the v2s?


                  I finally found the v2s in a store. Bought them today, took them out for 16 hilly trail miles.


                  These things are insanely light -- 6.9 oz in M11.5. Only slightly heavier than the 1600, my go-to marathon shoe. And about an ounce lighter than the first-generation 1400. The Fastwitch 4s I'm trying to replace weigh around 8.5 oz.


                  In the store, my concerns were (1) pretty squishy heel (though I think not quite as bad as the original 1400) and (2) an almost-tight forefoot. I was tempted to try a 12, but they didn't have any.


                  On the road, I didn't notice the squishy heel so much, but I felt the pounding in the forefoot more than I would like. I'm not sure they're cushioned enough to be a replacement for the Fastwitch 4. On the trail, they were OK, but similarly, I felt the rocks a bit more than I would like.


                  Overall, so far, I'm pretty satisfied. Time will tell whether my issues become problems.


                  I can't say the styling does much for me, but I've seen worse.

                    Has anyone tried the Brooks Pureflow 3 yet?  I loved the first version, hated the fit of the 2.  I just tried on the 3's today and they seemed to fit and feel much better than the 2's.  Very very tempting...

                      Saucony Fastwitch 4. Oh right, discontinued, dammit.


                      Oh my god. Score!!!!! I found three M11.5 Fastwitch 4s on ebay. Mine! All mine!!! Yessss!!!!


                      Disaster averted for a few more months.

                        I haven't been excited about all the Boost advertising I've seen around. Boost just makes ugly shoes uglier and more expensive. These are ugly but what do I care so I picked up a pair. I used a coupon but it didn't help much.


                        I think these qualify as 'light and cushioned.' They have just over a 10mm heel drop, which I like. These aren't quite as light as they look (about 8oz, I think) but are certainly more cushioned in the heel than they look. Heel strikers rejoice!


                        The lack of overlays over the toes is a huge bonus to me.


                        As for those Adidas Temps I posted about earlier in this tread … They have been fantastic. I picked up another pair at half price and will be looking for a third soon. They are proving to be durable too. Probably good for over 500 miles of heal striking madness.


                        These Adios are a little lighter and more cushioned than those Tempos.

                          Too many options. Glad you guys provided pictures; I'm gonna scan and go by that.  I might also scan for the letters "oz." Holla!

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                            I am in love with Hoka Bondi. Very lightweight for such plush shoes (men's at 9.5 oz) , 4.5 drop. A little too wide for my narrow feet, but for me it is worth it switching to thicker socks. Winter is around the corner, anyway, no escape from thick socks...


                            Next time you are in a running store, try them on - out of curiosity. For me it was love at first tentative, wobbly step (the sole IS thick)!


                            My Kinvaras started disintegrating after 100 miles (a hole in the upper part). They are comfortable to run in, but as I get older, I  like something more cushioned than that.


                            Price is wack as wack is, but some say they're a good value because they're getting well over 1,000 miles and counting.

                            "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus

                            Still kicking

                              I got 1200 miles out of my last pair of Hokas, and just went over 900 on my current pair and going strong

                              I'm also on Athlinks and Strava

                                I get 800-1000 miles out of pretty much any shoe I've tried but lately my feet are feeling a little beat up.  I'm running in some Altra Torin and really liking them.  They're goofy looking but I'm a big fan of the wide forefoot and for a 9.1 ounce shoe they feel very cushioned.  They also ship with two pairs of insoles so after about 500 miles I'll swap em.  I've been doing everything from track workouts to trail runs in them.  Altras, though, are zero drop.  I got them from Running Warehouse for $60 with my club discount.

                                The Hokas sound great except for the price.  Still may try them though.