Phantom Pains during Taper (Read 58 times)


    I'm running my first marathon on Sunday and I'm getting the oddest pains all over my body.  Is this a common occurrence?

    5K: 18:43 (12/13) 10K: 42:50 (12/12) HM: 1:30:10 (3/14) M: 3:34:46 (5/14)


      Some of it is the body healing

      Some of it is being bat shit crazy

      Good luck with your race

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      Action without vision is a nightmare. 

        I was convinced I was getting sick for about a week before my marathon. It didn't help that some family members exposed us to a stomach bug. I made myself crazy, thinking stuff like...."I'm achy--bet I'm getting sick. Is my stomach a little queasy? I must be sick. If I start puking now, will I have time to recover?"


        I woke up feeling great on race day. Smile

          Check out this link, posted two days ago in another thread.

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

            Check out this link, posted two days ago in another thread.


            Funny stuff! And spot on.


            And next time, I won't be persuaded to take a camping trip a week before a big race. Especially a trip where another family rides with us, because their 3 year old might start puking exactly halfway to our destination. And to make sure I know it's a legit sickness and not car sickness, her dad will puke all night the next night.


            Next time, I will quietly hole up at home with my Lysol.