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    I think I indicated in a previous post that I have the joy of putting together a 4 Mile Run/Walk fundraiser each year. All proceeds go to support kids programs in Lapeer County, Michigan. Please consider this an invitation to participate in the event. The race will be held on Sunday morning, August 20, 2006. For more info, go to www.signmeup.com/h32vkk77 or ask questions here. Thanks!
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      Ken, The signmeup link is broken.
        Mike, Thanks for the feedback. I corrected my typo and it works now. Ken
            Just a reminder to you Michigan runners, the Lapeer Race (of which I am the race director), is Sunday. It looks like we'll have good weather for the race! Ken

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              Ken, will you be doing this race again, next year? This weekend I am unable to, due to prior obligations with family and stuff, but I might be interested next year--4 miles is a nice length. Smile k

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                Kirsten, August 19, 2007...that's the plan. It's actually one of the longest consecutive run events in the state. Started as the Kiwanis Lapeer Days Run (5K) in 1980. It has always been held on the Sunday of the Lapeer Days Festival (third weekend in August). This is the fifth year I've been race director. It's a lot of headaches but really is fun, and for a good cause, too. Ken
                  Just an update. The race itself went very well. People enjoy the course and we had great weather. Philip Lagat, a runner from Kenya, who trains in Ann Arbor ran 19:56 - shattering the course record by a minute, 15 seconds. It was cool to see an elite runner at our little race. Other interesting things, a boy named Glacier Wallington repeated as the 14 and under champ with 26:14 time. He's 9 years old! Amazing. Our timer had computer glitches which meant runners did not get their times - a big problem as you can imagine. I marvel at the common behaviors between runners looking for their official times and vultures swooping down on carrion. Oh well, I'm sending each participant the final results with a note. One more gray hair for me. I hope some of you will join us next year. I promise no glitches with the timing...uh, I mean, I hope for no glitches with timing. Smile