How do you organize your gear? (Read 195 times)

Bacon Party!

    Appreciate seeing these ideas as I'm bound and determined to get my stuff minimized and organized.


    Been thinking wire shoe rack that hangs on a door so I can get things out of site and off the floor.


    And, really, I think I'm going to need to add another dresser or similar (real furniture) for running clothes ... I run too many distances, durations, terrains, and climates to have anything that's truly seasonal.


    Gear will continue to be relegated to portable totes of varying sizes - as these also double as "gear" for races. I just need to get more of them. Roll eyes


    pace sera, sera

      shirts in my t-shirt drawer

      shorts in my shorts drawer

      shoes with my shoes in the closet

      socks in my sock drawer

      winter gear -- long sleeves, jackets, tights, pants -- in a box under my bed.

        Running shoes in a cardboard box in my trunk.

        Running tights (not leggings, wth?), long sleeves, and jacket on top of the washer. If they're gross enough, my wife throws them in. Otherwise, die another day, I wear them again.  

        Shorts and running tees, in a small trunk in the bedroom.  

        Hats and gloves jammed in space between wall and trunk. 

        "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus

          trainers on stairwell

          shorts/socks/t-shirts/jogging pants strewn all over place

          old porn collection in loft

          crack-pipe hidden in hamster cage

          My leg won't stop mooing.


          i think i've got a calf injury.

          old woman w/hobby

            Shorts, shirts, running tights, hanging in bedroom closet.

            Running jackets / hoodies hanging in bedroom closet.

            Shoes in bedroom closet.

            Gloves in box by garage door with dog's leash and collars.

            *Every thing else in dresser drawer.


            *Ultra specific crap in plastic boxes under bed.



            Just run.

            Not dead. Yet.

              crack-pipe hidden in hamster cage


              I did that for a while.  Not sure why it was so hard to figure out how Mr. Giggles kept breaking his wheel.   It almost seemed like he was training for a marathon on that thing.


              Damn little furry junkie.

              How can we know our limits if we don't test them?

              Ostrich runner

                Usually a little to the left.


                  We have a cart with wire racks near the door with gloves, hats, water belts, shoe pockets, and stuff like that in it. Water bottles are in one of the dish cabinets.


                  For clothes: I have a small, 3-drawer dresser. Top drawer: bras, arm warmers, winter hats (that aren't in rotation by the door). 2nd drawer: tops. 3rd drawer: tights, shorts, cycling bibs. Out of season stuff that won't fit in the dresser goes in baskets in the closet.


                  My husband has the bottom two drawers of his large dresser devoted to running clothes: shorts, singlets, and t-shirts in one drawer and long sleeved shirts and tights in the other. Arm warmers, knee warmers, things like that are stuffed on one side of the bottom drawer.

                    What means this word "organize"?     I've got a mesh bag full of stuff that hangs in the closet plus a fannie pack (bum bag?) for beanie, gloves, earband,lightweight wind vest, etc.that gets left anywhere.