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Dimitri Minaev

    For the first time, I decided to order new shoes online. I knew my perfect Asics size was US9.5 and I hoped that'd work with Mizunos and Saucony, too. Wish I knew better Sad Turns out that US sizes (and UK too) are not reliable enough. I ordered Mizuno Wave Rider 15 and Saucony Kinvara 3, both in UK8.5/US9.5.


    So, my old Asics 1170 were US9.5/CM27.5/Euro 43.5. Mizunos were marked as UK8.5/US9.5/JP27.5/Euro42.5. They were a whole size smaller in Euro! When I put them sole to sole with Asics, they are definitely smaller. As for the Kinvaras, they are labelled  UK8.5/US9.5/Euro43. And once again Euro sizing seems to be the most reliable: they are only a little bit smaller than Asics.


    Actually, neither of them is way too small for me, but I miss some free space in front of my toes.


    The bottom line: shoe sizes are weird. If all shoes were labelled as '1 foot', it would be just as informative. Euro sizes seem to be the closest to the truth.

    Interval Junkie --Nobby

      I blame Vanity Sizing.

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        runningwarehouse.com has a nice feature that compares the fit of different shoes. It shows the equivalent of the size of your current shoe with the shoe you are considering.  I have found it a big help to get me the correct size when i bought a new model shoe.  i think it is called their shoefitr.

        Dimitri Minaev

          I'm afraid to even imagine what kind of vanity might make people claim they have smaller feet...


          spinach, you're right. According to Shoefitr, I should've bought Mizuno and Saucony size 10... Sad


          Anyway, after today's jog I think that Mizuno might work for me. There's almost no free space in the toe box, but today's 10k was really nice. Good, firm foot landing. When running faster than 4:45 min/km, though, I feel some instability as if the foot was rolling sidewards on the ground. Not the normal pronation, more like the feeling of walking on a rope.