What is your favorite beer? (Read 3172 times)


    Too bad you won't get to Oskar Blues.  Their 10 fidy is wicked.

    If you can get to the Thirsty Monk in downtown Ashevile they are serving that in their upstairs.


    Oh yea I feel like 10 fidy is probably the best straight-up no nonsense big imperial stout out there.  It's super cheap too for what it is too. You get four 12 oz cans for the price of what one bomber of an imperial stout usually costs!

      For any brewers in this thread...I just made a pretty standard hefe, but in the last 10 or so of the boil I steeped an entire can (3.5oz) of Ginger Peach tea.  The result is out of this world, easily best beer I have ever made.

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        OK, serious wierdness here.




        Watch Rebel Eats.  The show is pretty good, but, I'm a foodie, so YMMV.  Anyway, if you're not interested in the whole thing, starting at about 14:30 in, he goes to a place in Asheville, NC, where they make Bacon Beer.  It sounds awesome.


        Later on in the episode, he visits a place where they make shine.  That would be moonshine.  It's a pretty good show.


        Prince of Fatness

          A friend shared a small bottle of this yesterday.  Damn was it ever tasty.




          12 Monkeys

            I have a bottle of Old and a bottle of Older waiting to be enjoyed side by side.

              Hopslam.....Big grin



              Epic Runner

                YOU CAN'T MAKE US JUST PICK ONE! I agree that it depends on the season.


                During summer, my favorite is Wailua Passionfruit Ale from Kona Brewing. Yummmmmmm <3


                Any other time I love a good Hef Smile

                Do Epic Runs


                  I may have already mentioned this, but Raspberry Brown Ale from the Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka sure tastes good. In fact, it may be the best beer I've ever tasted.

                    Can't really pick one, I need a Top 10 list

                      I don't get too fancy. I like my Pennsylvania hometown staple beer. Yuengling lager.

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                      Prince of Fatness

                        I must say, this is outstanding.  I am happy that I bought several bottles.




                        12 Monkeys

                          I am happy that I bought several bottles.


                          As am I

                          Hold the Mayo



                              The Peche Mel is heavenly. Always have it post run!



                              some call me Tim

                                Spent a bunch of hours outside today watching some guys run pretty gnarly trails and I must recommend Otter Creek's Citra Mantra - Imperial Pale Lager with a balanced amount of refreshing citrus and a great hoppy snap. Wow! Great summer beer!