How come I can not find my old running reocrds in ACTIVE? (Read 269 times)


    I keep my runnning log at two places: here and ACTIVE.  But Active just got updated and I can not find my past log anymore


    Sorry to ask this question here since it is like asking about Burger King at A McDonald's but I do eat often at two places

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      Because Active is the devil.


      You have the option of downloading a file to backup your log here at any time.  If you do this, say, monthly, you will never lose more than the most recent updates to your log -- no matter what happens to this site.


      Eric Smile will take care of you here.  What does Active do for you?

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        Another user emailed a few days ago saying that Active upgraded their software and lost all of his data.  As I told him, this has happened before when they migrated the Cool Running data over to their previous training log back in 2007, which I think affected you as well.  Unless they are completely incompetent (as in not keeping backups), your data is not lost.  Whether they will migrate your existing data over to the new log is a different matter.


        I am in the process of creating the next version of the training log.  There will be many visual, infrastructural and database changes.  I can tell you that these changes will not affect your data.  I am not expecting any down time when I deploy the new log.  I don't know what the deal is with Active, but you should find some other log to duplicate your data.