Atlanta Marathon race report (Read 645 times)

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    I have run the half every year but last for the past 5 years but have never run the full. I will mark GA off of my list when I do the ING Georgia marathon in March. Nice run out there. Without the pit stops you would have broken 4 hrs. So what did you think about the little hill called Capital Punishment (at the 25.5 mile marker)- nice touch huh? Congrats on the trainingrun/race!!
    That was a pretty steep hill! It reminded me of Heartbreak Hill on the Boston course. I was talking to the guy next to me and he told me about it. And yes, it was some punishment! Do you suppose the ING Georgia Marathon will affect the Atlanta Marathon?

      Hills that have names like Capital Punishment ar *not* your friends! Especially in the last phase of your race, excuse me, training run. Wink I'm impressed by the way you kept going! bas

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