Running While Sick? (Read 642 times)

    Hiya. Quick question - what's the consensus on running while sick? Will it make you worse - or make you better? Is it just mildly stupid or impressively stupid? I'm sick. As in, really sick. I think I have either the bubonic plague or a mild case of infection from the Ebola virus. Or terrorists attacked using biological weapons. But only at my house. Definitely one of those. Had a 15-miler scheduled yesterday but I instead watched hours of the History channel and hawked up copious amounts of Ebola-laced phlegm. Haven't run since Thursday ... which come to think of it, might have been the problem. It was too cold and I wasn't dressed for it. Anyhoo ... here I am, coughing out my lungs and fighting off the Superflu from "The Stand" (or maybe Ebola. I really think it might be Ebola. Frickin' terrorists. Where's Jack Bauer when I need him?) And I really want to say !@$% it and go for a run anyway. It's not like there's any football worth watching. The Cowboys are on a bye this week and I've given up watching my Titans. I'm not a masochist. So do I go run? Will it make me worse? Better? What would Jack Bauer do? And what's the best over-the-counter remedy for the bubonic plague? Does Nyquil help? I'll bet it does. Nyquil cures everything. Your thoughts?
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      Don't do it! If you're hawking up phlem... especially "Ebola-laced phlegm" then you shouldn't run. Rule of thumb is if you're sick above the neck it's okay to run (I guess that includes insanity! Smile ) If you're sick below the neck - which includes phlegm, don't run. The best cure for the flu is rest and liquids - just like Grandma used to do... If it's really-really bad you might be able to convince an urgent care clinic to give you some anti-virals, but really if it's the flu the best they can do is tell you to go home, take some tylenol for the fever, and REST! Sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear. If you can, send someone out to rent a few movies. Lay off the beer and on the OJ. Get all the sympathy points you can out of it. And get well soon. Janell

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        I'd tend to second Wingz statements for the most part. If you've got some sinus congestion and such, then running can help you feel better. Adrenaline can act as a natural antihistamine, but that can trick you a bit. When you're sick, your body needs time and rest to get better. So even if it's not too bad, it's possible to overdo it when you're sick and end up just making matters worse. But yeah, if you're hacking up a (sick looking) boot, you definitely want to make sure you're logging a whole lot more hours in bed than on the road.


          Thank you both for the advice (and for not pointing out that I'm a marooooon for not putting this question in the health and nutrition section where it obviously belongs)! I did my best to do nothing - laid around and hacked for four days. I'm convinced your advice was right. So today I, of course, I ignored the good advice and did 14 miles. Maybe I'll die (it may actually be anthrax, I've decided. Or Lyme disease. Or is that Lime disease?). But at the moment, I feel human for the first time in a week. We'll see if that was smart or not. Thanks!
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            Actually, running while being sick could be a good thing if you take it easy Cool.But it could be a bit harmfull if you push yourself to far since your body is already working hard to eliminate whatever your illness is. I recommend doing moderate exercise Smile.