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    Jeff Galloway put on a short clinic this evening here in Portland, and as I was chatting with him afterwards he mentioned that he read Run to Win regularly and liked what I wrote. I must be doing something right... I also talked about doing a project with him in a few months, and he's open to the idea, so now I have 2 of the 6 people I definitely want to get in on the project and have 4 more to approach about it (well, probably 6 to 8 more, but there are 6 people I definitely want.) How's that for a teaser? Wink On a more pragmatic note, I got 7 pages of notes from the talk and will try to get them written up tomorrow, although I don't expect to actually finish until this weekend so they'll likely not go up on the site until Monday.

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      That's awesome, Blaine. Big grin

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        Wow, Blaine...that's pretty major! And very flattering, I'm certain! You'll have to keep us posted on what comes from that. Cool

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          Cool, Blaine! I'm glad he's open to your project! I was at the clinic, also - what a nice guy. I talked to him about my injury and my upcoming half marathon, and he was very helpful. He's one of those people who really listens carefully and takes the time to answer your question. I've been telling my running partner we need to do our long runs slower, and she's been resistant (she's 58, and she has two cousins in their 60s who are very fast and keep telling her to run faster). After the clinic, she said she was so glad she went, and she agrees we need to go slower!
            I don't think I'd be running today if I hadn't stumbled onto Galloway's run/walk plan, so he has my eternal gratitude. The number of people he's gotten off of couches is really pretty amazing, and I love his emphasis on life-long running. You certainly are doing something right, so keep up the good work Blaine and good luck with your project.

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              Good for you, Blaine. I am a somewhat regular reader as well. Good stuff. Best of luck with your project.

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                Congrats, Blaine! I've always appreciated your wisdom and feedback.

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                  Nice! Good luck with your project.

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                    Congrats, Blaine! Not that I needed Jeff to tell me that you know your stuff; I've always been helped by your advice, but I know it will do lots for your site and future projects. Keep us all posted!

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                      Wow that's amazing, good luck!

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                        Congratulations - I look forward to reading / checking out that project.
                          Blaine, Your running info is good.....i appreciate the notes and running tips and I was on the conf call last Saturday and it was very helpful..........your doing something right........ I'm looking forward to seeing your write up on the Galloway meeting... John

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                            Very cool Blaine! Good luck with your project. Smile



                              Notes on the talk are going to be drip fed throughout the week. Here's the introduction to it all: http://news.runtowin.com/2008/09/15/jeff-galloway-speaks-at-the-maine-running-company.html I'll get the first "content" article up tonight, I just hadn't had a chance to edit the photos for them yet. If you are on my mailing list, then you won't have to wait for it to show up on the website since I plan on putting together a PDF file that has the entire thing...that should come tonight or tomorrow depending upon how busy I am and how much I get done. (There are 2 reasons I didn't do it as one article on the site: First, it's around 3500 words or so and I want to make it live for everybody and not just my newsletter, and second (more importantly) I'm really busy this week and it lent itself well to being split into concrete sections on different topics, so this way I can schedule the rest of the week and then get ready for a fitness seminar I'll be at for half the week.) MTA: More links http://news.runtowin.com/2008/09/16/jeff-galloway-clinic-building-endurance.html http://news.runtowin.com/2008/09/16/jeff-galloway-clinic-magic-mile.html

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                                ....i appreciate the notes and running tips and I was on the conf call last Saturday and it was very helpful..........your doing something right........
                                I'll be doing another call with Tom sometime in the next few weeks, hopefully. We haven't found a day that fits into both our schedules yet, but I'll let the people who have signed up for it know when it will be as soon as we firm up a date.

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