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    My 305 sound has stopped working. I called tech support and they recognized the problem. They have issued an RMA and want me to send in for service which should take 10-14 working days. My problem is that I'm so dependent on it I don't want to. What to do? Purchase an Ironman for the interim?? Hang on to it until after the marathon in Oct.?
      While you're 305 is getting repaired: I'd get a Ironman (I like the FLIX Iroman... 100 laps... Rep Timers...) and use mapmyrun.com or this site to map out your runs. Alternatively... find some place with a real liberal return policy buy a 305 there and then return it when you get your 305 back. Or buy a new one then resale the old one on ebay when you get it back. Trent posted a link for getting one for around $150.


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        I know...buy a 305 and sell it to me for half price when you get your other one back.... Tongue Eh, it was worth a try.... Smile k

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