Tender Bump/Lump on Front of Shin (Read 46 times)



    I have been training for two years now, mostly training for races between 2 miles and 5k. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but I know for most of my training, I have had this bump on the front of my shins. It's never been unbearably painful where I had to stop running, however during times of high mileage and workload, it gets kind of sore, and during low volume periods, no pain occurs. Has anyone had this or know what it is? I don't think it's serious because I can still train, so I know it's not shin splints, but I'm still kind of concerned about it. Any help on how to treat this would be appreciated.



      Every morning before you get out of bed - Lie on you back and lift up your legs from the hip, knees slightly bent.  Flexing at the ankle, but not moving your legs, make the alphabet with you big toe ... big exaggerated letters.  If you have time do both the small alphabet and large alphabet.


      This still stretch your shins and ankles ... Usually within a week or 2 the pain will subside.  Many of us still do this morning ritual even if we have no pain as preventative

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        Have you ever had shin splints?  If so it could be old scar tissue from this.

        Would recommend deep tissue massage from a sports therapist.  The massage can break up the lump.


        Also stretch the shins. Sit on your knees and shins, and then sit back.  This will stretch shins and top of feet.