2014 Sub-18 5K (Read 544 times)

    In. Just turned 30.  Never run sub 18 before.  Probably in about 18 high shape right now so a loong way to go, but I feel like if I can string some consistent training together for half a year or so I can get there.  It's been 2 years since i've really had my training go well.


      Throw me on the board please.


      I've been close this year a few times (18:12 and 18:10) and several other good ones.  Mine were races with a good solid hill so I'm sure I can knock of a dozen seconds with a flatter course, or just keep training and learn to better roll up that big hill next time.

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          count me in also.

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            Finally broke 18 minutes today coming in at 17:48. Might have been able to go a little faster but I was afraid of blowing up. Will try another 5k around Christmas to see if I can get under 17:40


            Doesn't counter: false start.  It isn't 2014 yet.  DQ!



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              But seriously, very interesting read.



                  Sorry guys. Did not even read the title that says "2014" I will wait until 2014 to report any further progress lol

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                    Apparently I'm developing a theme. Congrats on smashing the barrier on the warmup lap - I'm sure 2014 is gonna be great!

                      I'm in! I'm in college and have run times in other races that tell me I should easily be able to break it. I even ran under 18 for the first 5k of an 8k race, but I have never been able to actually get under 18 for a 5k race! So frustrating! This spring is the time that it will finally happen!!

                        Count me in too.  My PR is 19:53 or something but in all fairness I haven't run a 5k in 2 years and am in much better shape than ever.  Even still, sub 18 is probably a stretch for me but WTF, everyone needs a goal.


                        My best race, marathon of 3:07, puts me in the 19:15 range but who knows with a little bit of speed work.


                        Age 43.  Seems like mostly us older guys shooting for glory here anyways!


                        Good luck all

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                          In. PR of 18:06 this year. 31 in December.

                            Got a couple races in last 2 weeks, which are my best this year. Sub 1:26 half, and 18:46 5k...not quite in the ballpark yet but the closest I have been since a long time of enjoying being lazy and out of shape. Optimistic and hoping to roll into spring/summer of 2014 in decent enough shape to start chipping away.


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                              One more opportunity to fail, so count me in.  Turning 43 in a few weeks.  Have broken 18 many times, but since the last one was in 1995 or 1996, let's call that a No.

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