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    Hi again, Have you considered changing the date standards according to region? DD/MM/YYYY in Europe and MM/DD/YYYY in the States and whereever else it is used. I am from Denmark and it took me some time to get used to putting the month before the date. This isnt of to much significance for me but I figure it would be a bit easier to talk foreigners into joining the platform. cheers
    Best Regards Bo
      I agree that it is confusing sometimes when 3/5/07 can mean either Mar. 5 or May 3. Another way around it could be to use "March 5" instead of 3/5 as the defaults...

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        Bo, I can add a custom field that lets you define your own format. I've added this to my list of todos. eric Smile
          Please support this date format too: YYYY-MM-DD This is ISO 8601 standard and internet RFC 3339 standard, making it a truly international standard. I've used it for years because it avoids the month/day ambiguity of the US/European conventions. There are a number of other advantages as well. Oh, I see now this was mentioned in another thread. Well, I second it! Also, under Options > Locale you can set the short date for this format, but not the long date, I guess.
            I've added a little bit of code this weekend, and custom short date is part of it. You can type in any combination of dd, MM (MMM), and yyyy you like for your date. It'll be available with the next release.