Does Slow Running with Gril Friend count? (Read 712 times)

    My GF started running/walking about two weeks ago. To help keep her motivated after my runs i run with her. Her runs/walks are for about 30mins for about 2.5miles. She runs a little then walks. When she is running she does a 14:30 Min mile paces. Her goal is to run non-stop for 30 mins and I plain to run with her up to and maybe a little pass this point. Should these miles count towards my weekly milage total? Do you think they will effect my trainning negatively? Orion

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      I recently had the same question myself. I did a five mile walk to raise money for MS research and added it to my log. It did negatively affect my time for the week (it was a slow walk). I reccomend creating a seperate category and logging it though. To me, any mileage counts, especially if you get your heart rate up (or maybe I just like seeing my weekly mileage increase Smile). I'll be interested to see what others say too.
        Should these miles count towards my weekly milage total?
        Your log, your call. If it's any kind of running, I'd count it.
        Do you think they will effect my trainning negatively?
        Nope. If anything, being forced to run some slower miles might be good for you.
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          It's nice of you to run with her! My husband won't run with me because I'm too slow. My usual pace is between an 11 and a 12-minute mile, and he says it hurts his hips to run that slow. I love him anyway.

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            The miles definitely count. If the pace is slow for you, that makes for a good recovery jog. You can also make a fun fartlek workout. Run ahead of her fast for a little bit, turn around and run back to her. Jog with her a little ways and repeat.

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              If I were to run with a girlfriend, my wife would kill me. So I'd have to run fast. Big grin
                Thanks all for the input. My GF uses runningahead to log her miles also, so all my additionel running is being logged by her. I guess so long as i dont feel tired or get injured thier will be no harm. Orion

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                  I totally agree with Jake, the runs with her will make you a stronger runner. Miles are miles weather they're slow or fast.

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                    Miles are miles. And since most folks forget to take easy days, you've got a sure way to get them - and hopefully at the same time you can really enjoy just getting outside and looking at neighbor's yards, smelling the flowers, etc. Once a week I run with a couple of ladies at work that do 11-12 minute miles. They're fun and in many ways going with them keeps running light fun. The other days I run on my own - 8-9 minute miles - or I'll go with a couple of the serious guys at work for a hard 7 miles. Those days I fry. All in all, I think I've been injured less with all the variety. And I know I have fewer days when I just don't feel like running.

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