Dr said my meniscus looks like Swiss cheese, anyone else have meniscus problems? (Read 155 times)

    So about 2 months ago I got severe pain in knee when trying to run, took week off and same problem, took few weeks altogether.  So knee DR got MRI back, said good news is no tear, but lots of holes in meniscus from wear. Finally back to slow run 3 times a week and no pain. Dr say should be all better in few weeks, but could happen again.


    Anybody have experience with this, still have problem or all better?

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      Not Swiss cheese...yet.  But I have torn my left one twice in four places in conjunction with ACL tears.  It's been trimmed and sewn back together.  Doc is surprised I still have 65% of it left after two major surgeries.


      First tear was Feb 2009 (hockey).  Second tear was Jan 2013 (skiing).  Once I healed and rehabbed, I've had no more problems.  Much to my surprise, I have laid down significant PR's in the 5K, 10K, and HM after my surgery earlier this year. 


      I am now operating under the assumption that eventually they'll have to go back into that knee and fix something.  It's just a whole lot of mess now.  But, as long as it holds up, I'm going to keep running hard.


        Thanks Baboon, so I think I'll follow your example and come back faster!

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          I've always had problems with the meniscus:


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            I've had meniscus repairs in both knees. Healed up nicely. The doctor said pretty much the cartilage in my left knee was all shredded and he removed 95% of it. I expected some pain, but ::knockwood:: have never experienced any since the surgery.

              I've always had problems with the meniscus:



              Yeah, how do they repair that?

              Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

              You'll ruin your knees!

                I took some Meniscusex D and it cleared right up!  Knees are grate now!  oh wait...

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                  I took some Meniscusex D and it cleared right up!  Knees are grate now!  oh wait...


                  Thought of trying that, but I enjoy a high quality snot rocket too much!


                  Thanks THM, that's what I wanted to hear, pain free!