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    Ran the Seattle Half Marathon yesterday and despite the cold, damp, conditions,the hilly course, and a really bad cold, I PR'd and reached my goal of a Sub 2, 1:58:47! So proud of myself.

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      Congratulations, runrock!  Feels good doesn't it?



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        Ran my first sub 4. marathon (seattle) yesterday. As a return to running runner, this was my fourth marathon in 2 years.

        My progression so far in my 4 marathons has been 4:13, 4:03:, 4:00:28, 3:59:40. I turned 50 this year,


        so i figure at this rate I should be good for sub 3 @ age 70.


        Also, my first post at runningahead. Regardless of all the nonsense at RW, I really need to start logging my miles again.




          Crossed over the 1,000 mile threshold today.  Very happy with my first 8 months of running, and all injury free!  Smile


          Here's to the next 1,000 miles and beyond.


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            I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill at a 7 minute mile pace.


            In the past, I've gone 3.15 miles at this pace, but last night i just came back from the dentist and had eaten pizza for dinner, something I never do. So the 2.5 was good.


            I often list my 5k time as 21:45 but this is my TM time, not a race time.


            My goal is to do this in a race. Probably I'll do the indoor "warm your heart" 5k in January. It's kind of a cheat bc the race is indoors, flat, and the temp inside is 68 F. But it's a good setting to PR.

              Completed three weeks of running without a relapse from my strained hamstring.  Damned injury cost me my Spring, Summer and Fall racing seasons (and wiped out a good base), but I think I'm finally back on track.

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                Super brand-new to running and today completed my second day (yes, you read that right -- this is my 2nd day of running) of C25k training - and I DIDN'T DIE!!! YAY!! I'm 46, 254 lbs and have severe back problems (2 herniations and scoliosis to boot) and a host of other maladies that have kept me in excuses galore! BUT, I am still alive and am so motivated that I made video of before and after I ran/walked. My 47th b'day is in April, so I'm going to see what 5k I can run around that time to celebrate -- it'll be a good goal to strive for. Right now my goal is to follow the 8-week program to be able to ease into running without injury or death. All this pain feels great... I can't wait to see how I feel six months from now!



                  With my easy 5 miler this morning I have reached my first 200 mile month. I feel great and I hope to have many more!!!!

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                    This was for last evening, but I ran further than I ever have without stopping.  2 whole miles lol.  My goal is to run my typical three mile route without stopping.  I set out to do it last night but just had to stop and walk after 2. Still I consider it to be a victory and hopefully I'll get it next time.  Woot!

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                      I ran a half today. It wasn't pretty or fast, but I did it obama sef. A year ago, three was a big deal.

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                        I like reading everyone's victories.  Keep up the good work, all.


                        I finished first female in my 5K today, 20:42.  Not my best time but it was hilly.  

                        Mile 5:49 - 5K 19:58 - 10K 43:06 - HM 1:36:54


                          Great job MJ!  Hills destroy me (mainly because there are zero hills where I live lol). 



                          My victory, 1st in my AG today at my 5k, 20:23.


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                            I like reading everyone's victories.  Keep up the good work, all.


                            I finished first female in my 5K today, 20:42.  Not my best time but it was hilly.  

                             That's a damned good time for a woman runner!!



                            Just kidding mj, please don't kill me. Big grin

                              I did my first one-hour run today. I didn't even take a walk break. I covered 5.71 miles, which made this both the longest duration and the longest distance run for me.

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                                Congrats, you guys!  These are some awesome accomplishments!  


                                As for me, my run today put me over 1,000 miles since I started running last November.  And it was a great run, too!  9 miles (longest distance I've run in a while) at a pace that surprised me.  Good day.  : )

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