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    You should check out the "barefoot" running group here at RA, lots of good ideas there - different shoe suggestions, how to ease in, etc. There's a range of people from those who run truly barefoot all the time to those who like "minimal" shoes to those who see barefoot or minimal shoe use as an occasional foot strengthening tool. Right now for you I'd just run easy in real shoes until your tenderness resolves. If it doesn't, see a doctor!

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      In minimalist shoes you want to make sure you're practicing the 4 components of 'good form running.' You also want to make sure you are striking with your midfoot.




      Also, these NIke Free shoes with a 6mm drop work well for me as they are my first pair of minimalist or minimalist transition shoes:




        From one newbie to another, I'd suggest trying a different minimalist shoe.   I initially got Five Fingers because they were the only ones I knew about, but there is an increasing variety out there, so if you are committed to the idea don't give up yet.


        I started running in Five Fingers shoes back in October.  I loved, loved, loved them at first.  I tried the 'barefoot' stride in order to clear up some calf tightness that was causing foot pain and they worked like a charm.  I found, however, that after a few months they absolutely killed my toes.  When I ran it felt like someone was shoving credit cards into the spaces between my toes with each step - ouch!  What I've since discoverd is that over the past year of increasing fitness and decreasing weight, my shoe size has gone down 1-1.5 full sizes.  The Five Fingers simply didn't fit anymore.  I purchased a smaller size, but eventually developped the same problem.


        For the past 3 months or so I've been running in Merril Pace Gloves and I haven't had any issues. 

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          In my opinion, you did TMTS (too much too soon) x 100.  Check out the barefoot forum at Runners World and follow the ´╗┐NEW BAREFOOT OR MINIMALIST RUNNERS START HERE stickie.


          You can also find good info at Barefoot Running University, The Barefoot Runners Society and BirthdayShoes.


          VFFs may not work for you, but I think its jumping in doing TMTS before you had your form down and your legs and feet accustomed to it that's the culprit.


          I've been running in VFFs 99% of the time since last October and always wear zero drop, minimalist shoes. 

             and the tribe leaves you for dead.



            Still funny.