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    I'm just dabbling it in so far - no classes since I don't have the extra money. But i know I'm very good about learning correct posture and such, so I'm not worried that I'm doing it wrong. I did a class today through comcast - i think it was called YogaFusion (fused with some pilates) and I had a very bad prblem with my wrists. I can only stay in that pain in the ass plank pose ( i hate it!!) for so long before my wrists start killing me and my arms are just quivering away. however i dont feel ANYTHING in my abs when doing this. i am very careful to pull in my abs, and not use my back, but still no feeling the core working. my arms on the other hand seem to want to fall off! one particular part of the session was a very looooong set of alternating between downward facing dog and plank with some pilates leg stuff thrown in there and i literally had to sit some of it out because my wrists just couldnt handle the weight of my body for that long. is this normal???? will my wrist strength get better as i do it more and more?? and also, is it me or is it difficult to tell when you should be inhaling or exhaling through certain moves? i'm getting frustrated trying to figure this out because on the videos and dvds, the trainer talks the whole time so i dont know how she is breathing......help!
      I had the same problem with my wrists in plank pose in a class I used to take. I asked the teacher about it and she said it was fairly normal as you got used to it. I haven't had the pain as much once I did get used to it (although I don't take quite as intense of a class anymore that holds you in poses for so long, it just never worked out with my running schedule when they'd keep me in warrior poses so long my quads were shaking...) As this teacher always said though, if something hurts, it's always fine to just go into child's pose (one of my favorites!) I'm sure your upper body strength will build up in time. The few DVDs I've tried were pretty good about saying "inhale and do this", "on your next exhale..." don't remember the names of the teachers off the top of my head though.
        I am no expert in yoga, so do not put much weight on my words. First, in the other yoga topic someone introduced Erich Schiffmann's site and his discussion board is really good to find advices on different matters of yoga. http://www.movingintostillness.com/ When I read some topics of handstand I found a discussion regarding weak wrists. You can read it by yourself and maybe it can give you some advices. I have also included 2 other discussions about wrist pain. http://movingintostillness.yuku.com/topic/1640/t/Need-some-encouragement.html http://movingintostillness.yuku.com/topic/1624/t/ye-olde-arm-balance-wrist.html http://movingintostillness.yuku.com/topic/2173/t/Wrist-pain-carpal-tunnel-syndrom-and-Yoga-practices.html I decline to say more, because I do not have that much knowledge on yoga. I do hope that this might help your situation. EDIT: About breathing patterns. I have got the picture that many teachoers do not want to give any specific answers about this matter. Breathing patterns comes gradually easier in yoga practice when your body gets used to the effort. Basic pattern is inhale when you straighten and exhale when you recline, Just try to keep natural rhythm and you are not that far wrong with it.
          thanks for the links. i tried poking around them a little bit, but all the terminology and "meditative-ness" started to make my head hurt a little. i just want to try yoga for the stretching aspect of it. i dont think i possess the ability to relax my mind and really get into it the way other people can. probably part of the reason i can't be hypnotized!...... i'll just HTFU with the wrist thing
            Yep, pose names are quite an obstacle and I'm neither into the meditative part, at least yet (maybe after doing poses do not require that much effort any more). But, if you use search you can find good advices how to practice into more challenging poses (asanas), especially core practices. Good site for reference.

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              I hear you. I find the transition from downward dog to plank a tough one. Your wrists will get stronger. Have you tried any DVDs? I like Shiva Rea. In her DVDs, she adds a voice over later so she's not talking while doing the movements. And she will talk you through whether you should be inhaling or exhaling. I find that gets easier too. She's worth checking out. Wink

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                Thanks - I dont have any fav. trainers yet, I just keep checking out sessions on Comcast, or renting ones from the library until I find something I really like. I will be trying out Yoga for Athletes this week so we'll see. Another thing I noticed though - I never can stay on my stupid mat!! I always find myself off the back end of it and have to doggie waddle back up to the front of it while I'm in the middle of a pose!! How the hell do these people do it without moving around so much??! I feel like such an un-coordinated bull while doing this - another reason I won't go to a class!!

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                  My yoga instructor always had people who had wrist pain tie a sock around the wrist. I think the slight compression keeps the carpal tunnel from collapsing or something. DONT stay in a pose if there is a sharp pain. You can also do the plank on your elbows, hands clasped. This is easier on your wrists, harder on your abs. MTA, you can also do the plank on elbows, hands flat on the floor ...like the sphinx if that makes sense..this is harder on some of the stabilizers than hands clasped

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                    I practice regulary at www.yogatoday.com They have lots of beginner classes and give you good advice on posture.