Can't enter elliptical workouts? (Read 604 times)


    Hi Folks- New to RA so please forgive the newbie question....I can't figure out how to log Elliptical workouts? Based on everything I see since it's listed as one of the uneditable entries under Other Workouts in my profile I would assume it would appear in the drop down list of the training log for new entries, but it is not there. If I add a new Other Workout (like "my elliptical" then the new one shows up but "Elliptical" still isn't there.... any ideas? Eric??

      If it matters I'm using Firefox on Linux (Ubuntu 7.10),
        It should be there. If you scroll all the way down in the drop-down, it's below "health note."

        Call me Ray (not Ishmael)


          Hmmmm well I went back and looked and there it was......I would swear it wasn't there before. Evil grin Thanks for the help, though!