Training Plan Question (Read 57 times)

Anjali A

    Sorry for all the noob questions.  I created a training plan in December for a race I am running in a couple of weeks.  I've noticed that when I complete one of my runs on a day other an what is on the schedule, that workout is not available in the "planned workout" pulldown menu.  I was wondering if there is any way to make the whole week's scheduled training runs available in the "planned workout" menu for any day of a given week as sometimes (often in this crazy snowy winter weather) I have to shuffle around my workouts.  For example, I did my long run for this week today (saturday) instead of Sunday so I can avoid a snow storm.  The only way I can classify that as a planned workout is if I first go into my training plan and move the scheduled run from Sunday to Saturday and then enter my run into my log.  Normally this is not a big deal, but with this winter being so snowy, I am moving my runs around a lot.  Again not a big deal, just wondering if I was missing something.

    Chris Pinney

      Sorry I stopped reading when you said "training plan for a race I'll be running in a couple of weeks". I would recommend doing nothing and just going for it on raceday.

      Anjali A

        Whoops, I should have been more specific! The race I'm running is in a couple of weeks, I started the training plan about 8 weeks ago.  I am just wondering if I can avoid the step of moving all the scheduled workouts in the plan accommodate the reality of what day I actually do them...

          I would love to have all of the week's workouts available on a dropdown as well.  It's not a big deal to go in and edit the plan to get the right workout on the right day, but it would be nice if we could just pick it from the save workout screen.