Any advice from Race directors? (Read 386 times)

    Hello those of you who have had the pleasure of being in charge of a race.... I am considering starting a trail half marathon and marathon here in my hometown of Auburn, CA. I was just wondering how much time it really takes..... a lot or TONS? I work part-time, have two kids, and am trying to maintain my own medium-high running schedule right now. I'm pretty good at planning and being organized, I think. And although I have several freinds who run, I'm not sure exactly how much they are willing to go along with this hairbrained idea. Tongue Any words of wisdom?
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      I directed a 5k. Once. It was a huge time commitment with zero budget, I definitely did not go for a second round at this point in my life. It was key to delegate, but was still a pain in the ass. It was a lot of fun though... enjoy.

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