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    Great tip! Thank you!

      Apart from the actual planning element, may I suggest an import/export feature? I envision that I can look at someone else's plan and just click a button to add that plan to my calendar. Also, repeat functionality would be nice, like recurring events known from a variety of calendar softwares... to store the plan and then repeat it, or to store multiples, and then just apply "10K event training plan" and "Marathon Event training plan" with a few clicks would be grand. Updates in relation to the plan would be great, i.e. I have the plan next to my entry of excercise, so it's clear what I am updating. It's late and I'm probably not being entirely clear, but I've found that having something to update means a lot for my motivation Smile
        NetSapiens, It's never too late. I am planning to tackle the training plan near the end of this year, so we'll have to wait to see how that goes.
          Eric, In order to make a simple to use training schedule maybe the following would make sense? * In the Calendar and on the Summary page all planned runs show as either a very light grey bar or only the outline of the bar without the shading? The actual could then be applied over or replace the planned run. * Allow recurring events in the calendar - IE runs 3 miles every Tuesday. You could then go in and edit planned runs as they occur to add a route and other needed details. Better yet you could allow planned runs to be entered without a route. The other user suggestions regarding reports on the varience of planned v/s actual are good too. Thanks for providing such a high quality site. I am in my 2nd week of using the site and love it.