Handy Runner Feature Request (Read 462 times)


    I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I've tried searching.... ah, never mind.


    First I love your training log formats. They have everything I need and my husband has donated several times. I recently got a 'droid x, and discovered Handy Runner too.... which is very cool. But...  I really want to start expanding my training routine to timed intervals. For this, audio cues that I can set for either distance or miles would be very convenient. Please consider adding that feature to your next upgrade. I would gladly pay for the app!

      Handy Runner was not developed by Eric or RunningAhead but by one of the users.  You might want to make your request to the developer via: support@handyrunner.com.

      Runners run.


        Thank you. I will. :-)